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Security jobs are needed more than ever but there has been a shortage of skilled talent to fill these positions. RiP invests considerable time and money in providing world-class security training. Most states now require security officers to complete formal training courses before becoming licensed.

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RiP has made the commitment to train the skills needed to have and demonstrate the mental and physical fitness, good health, emotional stability and use of effective communications required.

Some security firms have little to no minimum educational requirements and provide on-the-job training tailored to the position. Formal training at RiP includes classroom instruction, fire arms essentials, and supervised on-the-job experience. During their training, our security officers develop skills in observation, first aid, investigative techniques, loss prevention and crisis management. Additional training is also needed for security officers seeking employment in specialty areas like investigations, real estate, banking/finance, oil/gas refinement, nuclear power plants, and private surveillance.

Security officers must develop both excellent verbal and written communication skills and must be able to work with the public or law enforcement professionals in a variety of situations.

Job experience and continuing education are in place to keep our team up to date with current trends while building their knowledge and experience with every assignment.

Armed security officers are required to complete course instruction in basic firearm safety and marksmanship. Our Trainees learn to use mechanical safeties and become familiar with all of the liability issues and potential dangers of carrying a firearm. We introduce you to the legal aspects of firearm usage so our security officers are familiar with laws and liabilities associated with the use of a firearm. Participants will demonstrate skill competencies through a live firing exercise at a firing range and must pass a firearm safety exam.

For those individuals looking for a private security job and are willing to seek out new training, there are ample opportunities once you can demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and effectiveness.

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