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Contractor Management Compliance Services

If you use or manage contractors, our firm will help you make sure they are safe, qualified, competent and compliant. At 2Six Advisors, we provide experienced contractor management services to oil and gas, construction, facilities management, energy, contractor firms and many other sectors. Our team has expertise in all the most advanced third-party software systems.

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  • Tailored Solutions Using the Industry’s Top Platforms

    We are a premier provider of contractor management compliance services. If you’re a software user, our consultants help you manage your contractor labor using the systems you already have in place. For contractor companies, we’ll help you use your software platform to effectively manage your workforce.

    You can also rely on us to help you determine which platform offers the maximum benefit for your organization based on factors like your industry, number of employees and the data you want to collect. We’ll guide you through the entire implementation process and help you manage your teams moving forward.

    The contractor compliance, health and safety systems we work with include:

    • Veriforce® integrated compliance solutions: Veriforce offers end-to-end supply chain compliance and risk management in a streamlined platform. Their PEC Compliance Pro and other SaaS systems help you promote safety, gain valuable insights and access training resources through an e-learning portal.
    • ISNetworld contractor management services: The ISNetworld online contractor safety management database is where hundreds of hiring clients go to find, manage and develop certified and qualified contractors. Our ISN compliance services will help you use these tools for the highest gain.
    • Avetta contractor management software: Avetta makes it easy to qualify, vet and onboard new contractors. This software places all your key safety and compliance documentation into one convenient, centralized location. We’ll help you use it to bring your company up to speed.

Why Outsource Contractor Management Services?

Using independent contractors is an excellent way to secure the talent you need without offering full employment. These specialized professionals bring countless advantages to the table regardless of the project or their role. Still, there are differences to account for when taking them on and using them on jobs.

Whether you’re using contractors or providing them, outsourcing the process simplifies things. With the right software system and our team helping you use it to get the greatest value, you can focus your attention on the company. You’ll also unlock several valuable benefits no matter how many contractors you manage or the industries you serve.

Top benefits include:

  • Better industry compliance: Implement standardized practices and clear expectations contractors across multiple work sites can follow to achieve greater consistency.
  • Simplified contractor onboarding: Quickly handle all the administrative tasks involved in vetting new contractors, introducing them into the fold and putting them in the field.
  • Lower overhead costs: Have contractors complete processes more safely and in less time to get better results, prevent rework and avoid potential financial penalties for noncompliance.

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Let us help you get the best return from your contract labor with tailored contractor management compliance services and leading software systems. Our consultants will travel anywhere in the nation to accommodate your needs.

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