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Drone and Aviation Security Services

Drones are changing how people and companies manage a wide range of operations, and we bring that technology to you. No matter where you are, RiP Aviation is your source for the on-demand aerospace security and logistics capabilities you need to succeed. Our commercial pilots are skilled, trained and certified to use the advanced arsenal of drone technology that we have available and deliver valuable solutions to you.

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Commercial Autonomous Drone Services

At RiP Aviation, we understand that each project is unique. That’s why we tailor each of our aviation security services to deliver the maximum value. Every service starts with a consultation where we get to know all your goals. We’ll show you all the advantages our drones bring to the modern marketplace with a customized program suited to meet your needs and budget.

We manage a diverse fleet of commercial drones appropriate for serving private individuals, businesses, agencies and entities of all sizes in any sector. This includes compact vertical-take-off and landing (VTOL) models and larger drones capable of supporting significant payloads over longer distances.

  • Drone security services. We can deploy drones to augment your security program to deliver multiple benefits. Our pilots will give you a new perspective on your property, letting you quickly and effectively scan your perimeter for anything suspicious, including hard-to-reach areas too challenging to patrol on foot.
  • Drone mapping. Drone mapping has applications in almost every industry. You can use this resource to help build detailed aerial property maps, determine project borders, identify contour lines, locate resources and gather many more details with high-resolution imagery — all without having to be there in person.
  • Autonomous drone services. Autonomous drone services involve programming drones to perform specific functions that they will do every day without added input. We can set drones to run regular security checks, map crops, survey infrastructure and gather scientific data.
  • Facilities maintenance support. Whether for a commercial business, private property or large tract of land, you can use our drone services to get a better view. We can help you identify damage that requires your attention fast before it spreads. You can also recognize safety risks to ensure industry compliance.
  • Drone logistics. If you have equipment or supplies that you need to deliver to people located in remote areas, a drone can do it for you. Drones don’t require roads — they are unchallenged by rough terrain and will fly fast to ensure people have what they need to stay safe, healthy and productive.

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RiP Aviation is veteran-owned and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our pilots and drones can support your operations 24/7 through custom programs tailored to meet your dynamic mission requirements. We can also provide aircraft management services to help you get the most use and protection from your aerial assets.

Contact us to learn more about our services and schedule your personalized consultation. You can also reach our team by calling us at 1-833-i-NEED-RiP today.

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