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Workplace Safety Consulting Services

Employers are responsible for protecting employee health and safety, and the team at 2Six Advisors will help you meet all your obligations. We work with companies of all sizes to help prevent avoidable workplace injuries, mitigate safety risks and achieve a better bottom line through lower insurance, medical and workers’ compensation payments.

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  • Corporate Safety Training and Consulting Built Around Your Company

    At 2Six Advisors, we design, implement and monitor comprehensive HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) solutions customized to fit your unique organization. Our professional health and safety consultants will help you create a safer work area, protect your company from risk and maintain industry compliance. We can also help you develop a stronger workforce using proven and practical solutions.

Think Beyond Compliance

All businesses with employees must adhere to the strict standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) — but that represents the bare minimum. Compliance is enough to avoid fines but falls far short of providing optimal workplace safety. At 2Six Advisors, we strive to implement a culture of caring that begins with leadership, ensuring every employee is situated in the healthiest working environment possible.

Our HSE consultancy services will ensure you meet the standard and take your safety culture further with:

  • Detailed risk assessments: A risk assessment through 2Six Advisors is a comprehensive and systematic procedure. Our experts will inspect your facility and property, working to identify potential hazards and create control measures that align with all safety standards.
  • Program and procedure development: We’ll create a custom set of HSE policies and procedures for your employees to follow. This process could include a review and update of your existing safety management systems or the creation of new programs from the ground up.
  • HSE program implementation and support: 2Six Advisors health and safety consultants will handle complete program implementation for a seamless transition, including employee training. We’ll then provide ongoing program oversight and make adjustments based on business growth and industry changes.

Developing a Sustainable Safety Culture

We believe that safety is more than creating an effective program. It’s a mindset that can be developed, strengthened and honed with the right guidance and professional resources. Our consultants are committed to sharing this attitude and helping our clients grow with customized services that include:

  • Safety leadership coaching and training: Get the resources you need to develop your strongest employees into recognized safety leaders. We’ll provide you with professional coaching and training services designed to help you cultivate a robust, self-sustaining safety culture within your organization.
  • Continuous program improvement: We monitor every aspect of your program to see what works best and where you can improve. Our professional health and safety consultants will identify opportunities to develop a stronger safety culture and recommend program adjustments based on real data.

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