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Certified Security Training Services

If you’re interested in working in security, it’s crucial that you learn the appropriate measures to protect all persons and property under your surveillance. That’s why it’s essential to participate in security training to gain the skills and certifications necessary to becoming a professional guard.

You can sign up for security guard training courses at ZIG Sacrifice Instruction Group. Our friendly and knowledgeable instructors have the skills to help you earn your Act 235 certification through intensive training for security roles.

  • Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Training

    At ZIG Sacrifice Group, we offer various armed and unarmed security guard training courses that will give you the specialized experience needed to obtain your state certification. As a veteran-owned and -operated company, our trainers have an extensive security background and skills that qualify them to lead our comprehensive training sessions.

    Zig’s approach to training emphasizes cultivating valuable characteristics:

    • Leadership
    • Awareness
    • Self Defense
    • Responsibility and accountability
    • Professionalism
    • Administrative Competence

    Our security guard training courses also develop the following competencies:

Access Control

Access control is the process of selectively restricting the entry of individuals into a building, room or area. Access control guards are personnel responsible for monitoring and enforcing geographical access in a facility, permitting or prohibiting people from entering or exiting.

With our access control security training, you can gain the necessary skills to reliably man any access point and prevent unauthorized entry with diligence and efficiency.

Patrol Officers

As a patrol officer, you’re responsible for maintaining order and protecting the community through law enforcement and emergency response. Our team will help you perform many essential security tasks, such as patrolling for suspicious activity, making arrests, responding to calls and enforcing traffic laws. Our hands-on training will prepare all prospective security personnel to execute their duties as patrol officers.

Event Security

When you sign up for event security training, we’ll teach you how to monitor and maintain control in large event spaces like concert halls and sporting arenas so you can safeguard them against accidents, disturbances and unauthorized entry. Our instructors will prepare you to take on every vital security task, including crowd management, emergency response and first aid.

Personal Security

Being in charge of someone’s personal protection is a serious task. That’s why we do everything in our power to help you prepare with personal security training. Whether you’re looking to protect high-profile individuals or regular citizens dealing with safety concerns, our program will give you the instruction necessary to respond to stalking, threats and privacy intrusions with agility and attentiveness.


ACT 235 Certification

The Lethal Weapons Act 235 is a necessary certification that all prospective guards must obtain to earn their armed security guard license. At ZIG Sacrifice Group, we’ll ensure that you go through the proper steps to prepare you for your Act 235 certification exam.

After you fill out your application, we’ll put you through 40 hours of training courses to teach you all the skills and principles required for the test. Some of the many concepts you’ll learn include:

  • Armed and unarmed defense.
  • Lethal weapons.
  • Disarming.
  • Handcuffing, searching and detaining.
  • Testifying in court.
  • Constitutional restrictions.

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