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Professional Health and Safety Consulting

Take a proactive approach to your workplace health and safety preparedness with professional health and safety consulting from 2Six Advisors. We partner with companies around the country, in any industry to identify and manage unique risks through customized services.

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2Six Members

Becoming a 2Six Member provides Health and Safety professionals with access to an extensive array of knowledge and resources. Our platform is specifically designed to empower individuals through personalized live training sessions and courses, tailored to meet your specific needs. By subscribing to 2Six Members, you gain access to a wealth of resources, including collaborative forums and insightful blogs, aimed at fostering knowledge sharing and professional development within the industry.

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  • 2Six Advisors – We Have Your Six on Workplace Safety

    At 2Six Advisors, we offer comparable service to national safety consulting firms with the benefit of personal support from professionals in the local area. We develop custom solutions to match your unique safety culture and leadership style. On-site solutions include:

    • Site assessments
    • Risk assessments
    • Program oversight
    • Safety leadership coaching
    • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management consulting
    • Safety management consulting
    • HSE company diagnostic services
    • Performance improvement planning
    • Hazard identification and recognition
    • HSE program and procedure development
    • HSE training development and deployment

Corporate Workplace Safety Beyond OSHA Compliance Consulting

Workplace health and safety consulting is much more than preventing injuries and avoiding costly fines. We develop custom programs to ensure employees stay alert, focused and engaged at work. Our services will ensure safety compliance and also look after your bottom line.



Emergency Response Plans and Consulting

At 2Six Advisors, we think about the emergencies your business might face — and how you can effectively overcome them — so you can focus on business continuity. Our risk and safety consultants will develop tailored emergency response plans that you can put into action at a moment’s notice to reduce risks and mitigate your losses.
We’ll start by carrying out a complete vulnerability assessment that identifies the unique dangers facing your organization. These include reviewing historical disaster data, understanding the local and company infrastructure, and coordinating with local emergency personnel. We also assess your business for sensitive receptors, structural dangers and other unique details that might impact planning.

Each plan is unique, but all include identifying:

  • Potential emergencies. Our risk and safety consultants will determine what dangers you face, what consequences they could have, what’s required to manage them and the resources you’ll need.
  • Actionable strategies. We’ll provide you with maps that detail where you can find emergency shut-off valves, hazardous materials and the different routes your employees can take to evacuate the area.
  • Responsible individuals. We make plans that give your employees the tools to know what to do and who needs to do it. They can move into action while everyone else evacuates.


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North American Professional Safety Consulting

Give your business the benefit of professional health and safety consulting from local experts dedicated to your compliance and satisfaction. 2Six Advisors is a community-minded company that provides custom consulting and workplace safety solutions for corporations, small businesses and private contractors. We work with businesses of any size, in any industry throughout the United States and Canada. Our custom plans deliver actionable strategies to empower your team members, providing accountability and results

Schedule a consultation today to learn how we can meet your needs with tailored services that exceed your expectations. Call 724-991-9172, email Info@2sixadvisors.com or contact us online to learn more.

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