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High-Value Security Transportation Services

RiP high-value Pittsburgh security transportation services protect people and property while on the move. Count on our experienced professionals to keep you and your valuables safe from point A to point B.

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Moving People and Property Safely and Securely

We offer secure transportation services throughout the Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York regions.

Employee Termination Support

Employee terminations are challenging and often unpleasant events that must be handled with care. If you have to let someone go, RiP can provide you with consultation, planning, character profiles, and officers to protect your team, escort former employees from the building and transport them off-campus. You can also request officers in the room for added protection and a visible deterrent against angry outbursts.

Asset Delivery and Retrieval Services

If you have expensive equipment, company vehicles, computers, iPads, phones, p-cards, tools, prototypes, evidence, high-value parts or other assets in the field, let our team manage your logistics. Our transportation teams provide secure pickup and delivery services that protect your investments, and we can even help you track them down if they go missing prior to our involvement. Our officers will represent your company like true professionals in every interaction.

Secure Valuables Transport

RiP protective transportation services provide a secure way to transport valuable goods and important documents throughout western PA. We deploy multiple measures designed to protect your precious cargo and ensure it arrives at the intended destination. Items we transport often include cash, and articles such as jewelry, artwork and other priceless items.

Pittsburgh Executive Transportation Services

Executives, celebrities, influencers, court witnesses and everyday people face a wide range of potential dangers posed by criminals, stalkers, former employees, personal acquaintances — or even random strangers. RiP executive transportation services provide a secure solution for moving high-profile and at-risk individuals and their families where they need to go.

  • Litigation Mitigation

    Providing rapid responses to emergencies is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to world-class security. Mitigating litigation is another essential service that RiP Security delivers. We care about you and your employees’ safety, and we believe that preventing a disaster is better than responding to one. When you work with our security professionals, you’re partnering with individuals trained to detect hazards and stop threats before they happen.


    Any security company can protect your company against break-ins and other criminal activity. RiP Security goes above and beyond by actively monitoring security threats while surveying the grounds for OSHA violations and other safety issues. If we see something, we say something, no matter what. The main aim of our mitigation litigation service is to protect your workforce with the added benefit of saving you from facing lawsuits or fines related to safety violations.

    Larger security companies fixate on quantity over quality. They focus on putting more bodies on the ground to deter criminal behavior, and these security guards add little value beyond that. Our trained team receives world-class training in threat detection and proactive mitigation. We’re committed to securing your property while saving you money and keeping your team safe.

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  • Protective Transportation Services You Can Depend On

    Transportation solutions from RiP Security are always customized to provide the best protection based on the risks, locations, budget and cargo involved. Even so, they all share the same basic framework designed to keep you, the people you’re responsible for, and your valuables protected from a range of different threats.

    Professional Officers

    RiP Security officers wear professional attire appropriate for the occasion, helping them blend into the background. Our officers have the training to know when to step forward and what force to use, whether that involves verbal de-escalation or delivering an armed response.

    Strategic Transportation

    Our vehicles are unmarked and discreet. Planning teams will also dedicate the time to analyze any potential threats along the route, then plot a course to minimize your exposure. We’ll also create alternate routes our drivers can take at a moment’s notice to keep you moving.

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At RiP Security based in Pittsburgh PA, we develop all our solutions with your safety and satisfaction in mind, whether you need us for a temporary event or would like to set up regular service. Team up with us to see the difference that working with a veteran-owned and -operated company provides.

Call 1-833-i-NEED-RiP, or message us today to get started. We’ll assess your risks, show you how we will overcome them and provide you with a competitive estimate. We’re licensed to provide security guard services in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, New York and Texas!

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