Rip USA has expanded in to multiple sectors and industries nationally.

We are committed to supporting this vibrant, balanced, and diversified growth which benefits our growing employee base and our service coverage geographically.

With our focus strategically on the development and implementation of strategies, technology, and training to provide private security services in the following key industry sectors, RiP is positioned to make the USA a safer place.

  • Government
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Corporate
  • Personal
  • Private
  • VIP
  • Real estate
  • Healthcare
  • Biotech
  • Banking/Financial

Every company we work with regardless of their industry often has different needs and requirements for their security and safety.  Our Clients appreciate the personalized approach we take with each project we take on and how we are able to fill the security gaps to keep their assets safe and secure.

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Service Levels

Our service levels are broken down by contract term and focus. We offer Single Focus, Short Term, and Long Term depending on the your needs and the complexity of the security. 

  • Single Focus
  • Short Term
  • Long Term

Single Focus –  Our single focus SLA is typical for any temporary activity or assignment. When the risk need is relatively simple and the time frame is less than a single day but can be up one week. Often in an emergency an immediate temporary deployment is required for a very short time to mitigate an unexpected security risk. Single focus such as a special event, protecting an executive, or when screening potential employees. Once the situation is secured and completed our engagement ends.

Short Term –  preset or fixed time period may be scheduled for our security services. One of the benefits with a repeating or more regular short term assignment is that we will develop experience and a deeper understanding of your needs and requirements.  This allows RiP to scale and deploy personnel to our clients locations much faster.

Long Term – Permanent, full-time, and long term engagements may develop over time when needs expand and require more planning.  Many special situations arise which necessitate the hiring of a an outside company/contractor to provide security services for a long-term engagement with RiP's embedded security guards.

An initial meeting and assesment of needs is always the first place we start. This provides us the information we require to determine the manpower required, schedule, and pricing for every assignment.

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