Planning for Surprises

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Arsenal Resources, a regional natural gas operator, was required to test their corporate emergency response plan. The exercise tests and verifies the organization’s training and personnel capabilities.

Based on trust and respect earned from past performance, as well as 2Six Advisors known relationships with other corporations, the operator invited 2Six to conduct the test. They knew we held the experience and knowledge to develop scenarios that were realistic for their operations.


We interviewed key personnel, requested and reviewed site maps, and studied their emergency response policies, procedures, and training. From this analysis, we built several authentic test scenarios and exercises.

In the middle of test planning, and oddly true-to-life for emergency response, COVID-19 arose. This required a pivot to virtual meetings and other adjustments. 2Six gathered the Arsenal Resources’ key staff virtually and conducted the trial. One critical element of our exercise was only providing information in pieces at certain times and only to specific personnel just as it would unfold in actuality. We also varied the sources of information. Some of the simulated facts came from emergency personnel. Other fragments were sourced to specific functions within the operation. And even other bits of data or news were attributed to public sources to increase the realness of the exercise.

Throughout the test, 2Six thoroughly evaluated the effectiveness of the plan itself as well as to response by team members to the policies and procedures contained within it.



Arsenal Resources conducts sophisticated operations involving complex facilities and equipment across a wide array of sites and geographical locations that require effective emergency preparedness. Gaps in an emergency response plan can cause operational losses or worse the loss of human life. Our authentic exercise identified fissures in their existing preparation. While all involved would have preferred a qualifying performance, management respected and trusted 2Six’s findings and moved to mend their plan and eliminate potential exposure.