RiP USA Security Services

We provide elite security services over a wide range of clients from public companies, the private sector, and the US Government.


Executive Protection

Our experienced team uses the latest techniques & technologies to keep your treasured assets safe.


Armed Unarmed

The uniformed or business attired security team can be armed or unarmed depending on your needs.


Special Events

Our security guards are trained to discreetly handle events big or small whether public or private.


Loss Prevention

Our analysis and security can detect and deter preventable loss in the form of deliberate or inadvertent human actions.


Risk Assessment

Always be prepared.  Our systematic process of evaluating the potential risks will save you time and money.



We lead every investigation with the methodical gathering of critical details and evidence.



Security for your premises may include armed guards, closed circuit cameras, and/or remote monitoring.



Our experienced instructors provide training of the knowledge and skills required to perform security services.


Drone Security

Custom drone solutions can provide real time 24/7 video surveillance for enhanced security.