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Training For Armed Security Officers
RiP Group security officers shown on the line of a shooting range performing pistol drills

The training necessary is much like that of the non-armed security officers, however the armed security officer training has some more rules and regulations. Here at RIP USA these extra lessons and courses are necessary for making sure that you know how to properly handle your weapon. The first step in becoming an officer is to complete our instruction course on basic firearm safety as well as marksmanship. It is essential that the trainees learn hoe to operate the mechanical safeties and in addition to this become familiar with the issues of liability and the potential dangers that go hand in hand with carrying a firearm. In our training programs we familiarize you with the legal aspects of firearm usage in order to ensure an adequate knowledge of the liabilities and laws that are associated with the usage of a firearm. We will test your competency and skill with a weapon through live firing exercises at a firing range and a firearm safety exam. Those looking into a job in the private security sector should be open and willing to participate in new training and regimens. Training provides you with various opportunities to showcase your strengths as well as work on improving your weaknesses.