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Social Hacking Security
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An important aspect in the protection of individuals and corporate clients is risk assessment into physical social hacking. We are in a society whereso much exposure comes from internet computer systems and emails. The internet provides companies, small and large alike, the ability to broadcast their product or service to everyone across the globe, but this pure amount of information can lead to the technological side of your enterprise being compromised. Internet hackers and cybercrime have become serious concerns for many industries and a lack of attention on cyber security can greatly damage a corporation.

Social hacking has been around for decades with the goal of gaining access to restricted information or to a physical space without authorization. These attacks are often times committed by impersonating individuals who are directly/indirectly known to the victims, or by representing someone in a position of authority. But can take the form of physical break-ins or even dumpster diving, where paper trash, files, and even retired computer equipment/hard drives may expose company secrets. Physical on premises security which may include a combination of armed guards, closed circuit cameras, drone security and/or remote monitoring.

The economic costs of these attacks can lead to financial loss, theft of corporate information, and the reparation of all affected systems. Besides the direct damage of a security breach, the cleanup can bring to light certain legal consequences. If customers’ personal information is leaked it can bring about regulatory sanctions. A simple way to prevent attempts is to make employees aware of the latest threats and inform them of the best methods to protect data. The regular training of staff can minimize the risk of a data breach. Despite the possibility of cyber threats, online advertisement for your establishment is worth the danger as it spreads your message faster and more effectively than word of mouth or recommendations passed from person to person. Although our private security agency protects the physical side of your company, your business is never fully safe from threats unless you also consider the technological vulnerabilities that can damage companies just as much as physical attacks.