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Security Services For Special Events

There are tons of events and festivals happening in Pittsburgh and our other locations of operation such as New York and DC to LA and Las Vegas. There are high profile major events that take place, especially in New York, that require security protection. There is a high risk of danger during large events and RiP USA is uniquely qualified to provide safety for the masses. At RIP USA, we provide experienced security personnel and services designed to protect our clients and their business, as well as the customers they have. A common side effect of big events is often that of pickpocketing, however we can place security guards around the event in order to prevent this, as thievery like this can cause commotion and make the guests feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Services like these are to protect the crowd and event itself, however we also have to survive to protect a special guest if need be. Performers and speakers at holiday events and special events are sometimes targets for hate or crime so we escort them and ensure their safety. We keep celebrities safe from the moment they arrive to when they travel back home from your event. RIP USA offers all the security services you need to ensure a safe and worry-free event.