We provide varying degrees of training for the security officers in our company. We want to ensure your safety and the safety of others by teaching you the ins and outs of private security. To help our trainees fully understand and practice we provide formal training. Our security training here at RIP USA includes learning the firearm essentials, being taught via classroom instruction, as well as on the job experience that will be supervised by one of our trainers. We have a base level of training to ensure that all our officers excel in skills such as investigative techniques, first aid, observation, crisis management, and loss prevention. All of our security officers must be both excellent in verbal communication skills and written communication skills. It is also necessary for them to be ready to work with any public/law enforcement professionals at any time during their job, as it will likely occur and preparation is key. Certain officers need additional training depending on if they decide to pursue employment in specific specialty areas. This extra training is needed for security officers who are interested in careers in areas like real estate, investigations, oil or gas refinement, banking or finance, private surveillance, and nuclear power plants.