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RiP USA is a private security firm based out of Pittsburgh, PA and operating across the country from New York & DC to LA & Las Vegas. We focus on private security and investigative operations, in multiple professional sectors.

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The Founding Team

Duztin Watson, is a US Army Sniper. He has an extensive training background as a professional instructor, and weapons expert. There are many life challenges that have built Duztin into the leader he is today. His personal and compassionate teaching style exemplifies the meaning of the word mentor. He is always willing to lend a helping hand, or share information to educate or help out his peers. Please look out for Duztin, shake his hand, and start what is sure to be a great experience.

Stephane holds a Juris Doctor from Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Virginia. She also obtained a BA in Criminal Justice from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She passed the Pennsylvania bar exam and has been working in the oil and gas sector for over five years. She has experience with land and mineral acquisition; lease and drill title; corporate law; license and compliance; and contract drafting / review among many others. She carries herself as a professional within her practice and stays involved in community support activities. Stephanie established Magnolia Law, PLLC, (A woman owned small business.) with a dream to provide a client focused practice, to establish long-term meaningful client relationships, and relentless determination.

Josh has been deployed and operated in many of the U.S.’ recent and current conflicts. Josh is a U.S. Army Sniper and professional weapons instructor. This man carries a large skill set, and has just as large of personality to go along with it. He has a kind heart, carries strong military discipline, and enjoys being in the outdoors. You can find Josh working out, training, and mentally bettering himself daily. Think of Josh as not only a good friend, but an amazing mentor.

Duztin Watson

Hometown: Houston TX

Stephanie N. Rosser

Corporate Counsel
Hometown: Sanford, North Carolina

Josh Palmer 


Training Advisor: LRM/CQB/SUT
Hometown: Rolla, Missouri


We provide elite security services over a wide range of clients from public companies, the private sector, and the US Government focusing on private security and investigative operations.

Executive Protection
Our experienced team uses the latest techniques & technologies to keep your treasured assets safe.

Armed Unarmed
The uniformed or business attired security team can be armed or unarmed depending on your needs.

Special Events
Our security guards are trained to discreetly handle events big or small whether public or private.

Loss Prevention
Our analysis and security can detect and deter preventable loss in the form of deliberate or inadvertent human actions.

Risk Assessment
Always be prepared. Our systematic process of evaluating the potential risks will save you time and money.

We lead every investigation with the methodical gathering of critical details and evidence.

Security for your premises may include armed guards, closed circuit cameras, and/or remote monitoring.

Our experienced instructors provide training of the knowledge and skills required to perform security services.

Drone Security
Custom drone solutions can provide real time 24/7 video surveillance for enhanced security.

If you are interested in our services or becoming an employee please reach out to us any time 24/7. RiP is a living memorial that has the best interest of our employees and communities at heart. God Bless the USA.


RiP USA was founded in 2010 with the goal of providing the best trained and highest quality private security force available in the Houston area.  Since those early days RiP has grown into a nationwide presence headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

If you are interested in our services or becoming an employee please reach out to us any time 24/7. RiP is a living memorial that has the best interest of our employees and communities at heart. God Bless the USA.

See our ServicesSectors, & Service Levels 


We live in the shadows of the past. We are only able to succeed because of the platform past generations have built for us. RiP is a living memorial to every man or woman that has benefited our future in any way. Be it through innovation and design or the giving of life on the battlefield. Historical achievements and hardship echo within the walls of RiP; our professional, courteous, and humble demeanor resonate our appreciation to be here serving you today.

Our company will strive in every way to provide high quality security professionals effectively meeting the needs of individuals or companies seeking protection, security, or training. We also provide top tier security consulting and risk management services. RiP has a unique experience portfolio allowing innovative and custom catered security and protection solutions.

We focus our energy on progression based security solutions. We constantly seek to better our level of training, seek out and acquire updated or more efficient equipment, and increase our ability to work safely in whatever situation we find ourselves. We are constantly moving forward to better ourselves and our company.

Signifies “you are here” it is a visual reminder that you are only able to be right here, right now because of past innovators and progressive personalities. These amazing individuals cut their own path and followed their dreams. Here at RiP we never lose sight of nor forget what others have sacrificed to allow us these modern opportunities. We thank every man and woman that has sacrificed to build all of us a better tomorrow.


RiP USA is based out of Pittsburgh, PA and operating across the country from New York & DC to LA & Las Vegas. Contact us by phone, email, or fill out the form below and someone from our organization will contact you shortly.

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