Contractual and proprietary security organizations bring into play the three types of security. The three general types of security are as follows: informational, physical, and employee-related. Information security is the protection of confidential information ( such as employee records, financial records, or research and developmental documentation) that is maintained as a hardcopy or in electronic format. This area of security has grown immensely with the growth of computer technology and needs monitoring as it continues to grow. Nowadays, it is common that information security personnel develop procedures to protect against hackers and other unauthorized attempts to access data, as well as protect against viruses and other dangers to information systems.
Physical security is designed to safeguard people as well as to prevent unapproved access to facilities, equipment, materials, and documents and safeguard them against any security threats. Physical security can include interior and perimeter space protection through the use of lights, locks, sensors, barriers, and guards-who are an essential part of any adequate protection detail. Finally, employee-related security requires knowing essential information about employees, both temporary and permanent, that might breach security or subject the organization to liability. This can include the security personnel screening employees or job applicants for drug use or criminal history, protecting executives with the use of residential security measures and bodyguards, monitoring employee phone calls and their computer use, and investigating employee misconduct. Security personnel are also subject to remove any violent employees, or anyone acting in an aggressive and hostile manner, from the property. Our contractual organization offers the three basic types of security and more based on your company's needs and security requirements.